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Congratulation to Prof. Debasis Banerjee for receiving the prestigious Chemical research society of India (CRSI)-2023 Bronze medal !  

Vacancy: Four JRF positions are available in the group.

Interested candidates can directly contact to Prof. Debasis Banerjee.


Congratulation to Dr. Jagadish for being selected as Assistant Prof. at IIT Patna !

10-04-2024  Our Chem Comm Review article is now on the Front Cover page !

25-03-2024  Congratulation to Adrija, and Vishal on their publication in

Green Chem. !

25-03-2024  Congratulation to Sourajit, and Lalit on their publication in

Chem. Soc. Rev. !

11-03-2024  Congratulation to Motahar for successfully defending his thesis !

11-03-2024  Congratulation to Sourajit, and Lalit on their thesis submission !

29-02-2024  Congratulation to Lalit, and Atanu on their publication in ACS Catal !

22-02-2024  Congratulation to Suteerna, and Adrija on their publication in ChemComm !

02-01-2024  Congratulation to Motahar, Shuvojit, and Sourajit on their publication

in ChemComm !

06-12-2023  Our OBC Review article is now on the Front Cover page !

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